The Specialist Pharmacy: The UK’s only compounding pharmacy

UI/UX and Brand Designer

The Client

The Specialist Pharmacy the UK’s only compounding pharmacy. Leading the way in compounding bespoke bio-identical hormone medicines. I worked as a UI and UX designer under for this project.

The Challange

This was not a general and straightforward project for me. These topics are rare for UIUX designers and take lots of effort to understand these pharma software. Without understanding it 100% no one can design a user-friendly, perfect, and modern UIUX. Actually, this project was a combo of two portals, Prescriber’s portal, and Patient’s portal.

Let’s start with Prescriber’s portal:

Old Designs

These designs are from their old desktop software and my job was to convert this into a nice web portal with the best UX and UI. Here I am showing few old screens of their tool and I redesigned this and more other interfaces also.


The Solution

I started with meetings with the client and team. We all together got a demo of the old tool. I got temporary access to this tool to do my R & D. After understanding it, I started with the style guide and then quick UX ideas, sketches. I attended lots of meetings with clients, the team, and the pharmacy’s actual users, we had some live demos of the wireframe ideas, I shared screen and made updates live as per the end-users sitting in front of me live :). This was really a great experience for me. The managers and team of the Specialist pharmacy were very friendly and polite during the meetings, they really cooperated with me. What a team, hats off.   After few iterations, the team has decided on the below basic layout. All the screens were based on this layout.

Low fidelity wireframe


Design System/Style Guide Designing


The Final Design

Based on the design system and the wireframe, I designed this final product design:


Now the patient’s portal:


This patient’s portal had 150+ screens. I designed its responsive views also.



I had designed a total of 400+ screens for both web portals. It was perfectly developed and can be found LIVE here. The actual portal can be explored after registration only.


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