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Started with 3 chapters/videos, adding more soon. You can start learning and ask your questions in chat.
This is an online certificate course “UX designing”. It will give you detailed knowledge of this field in a practical and theoretical way.

Started with 3 chapters/videos, adding more soon.

Along with the recorded lectures, I will arrange LIVE sessions also to solve your problems. And you will have access to text chat with me anytime to clear any doubt.

Benefits after this course:
You gain full knowledge of UX designing.
You learn the most common terms of UX designing.
You can clear an interview for a UX designer easily.
You can work on a UX project perfectly.
You can adapt to any company’s environment and team with confidence.
Everyone will get an ”Online Certificate” from my company Baagdi Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Syllabus of this course:

Chapter/Video #1:
Course Introduction


Video #2:

What is UX designing?
Difference between UX and UI?
Who should do UX designing?
Scope in UX designing?


Video #3 Different roles in UX phase

1. User Researcher
2. Information Architect
3. UX designer
4. Interaction Designer
5. Few other roles you must know about


Video #4

Understand the Company Culture


Video #5

The Project Ecosystem
Identify the Type of product


Video #6 Meeting with stakeholders & project managers

1. Solidify Project Objectives
2. Understand Strengths and Weaknesses (SW of SWOT)
3. Identify Opportunities and Threats (OT of SWOT)


Video #7 Understand the Project Approach

1. Waterfall
2. Agile
3. Modified


Video #8 Business Requirements

1. Create a Plan for the Meetings
2. Ideas to needs


Video #9 User research

1. Basic Steps of User Research
2. Common User-Research Techniques: Interviews,
Surveys, Card sorting, usability testing, etc.
3. Affinity diagram & Empathy map


Video #10 Persons

1. What Are Personas?
2. Creating personas
3. Using persona templates


Video #11 Transition: From Defining to Designing

1. Storyboarding: Ideate and Visualise
2. Documentation


Video #12 Understanding Site Maps and Task Flows

1. Site maps
2. Task Flows
3. Tools


Video #13

Wireframes and Annotations
1. What Is a Wireframe?
2. What Are Annotations?
3. Tools


Video #14 Prototyping

1. What Is Prototyping?
2. Paper Prototyping
3. Digital Prototyping
4. What Happens After Prototyping?


Video #15 Design Testing with users

1. Usability Testing
2. Information Gathering


Video #16

What after finishing the UX phase?

and I will continuously add more bonus videos and document content related to this field. Whenever I will add, you will get an app notification.

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