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I am helping students worldwide with career counseling, their project reviews, free/paid courses, live sessions, improving portfolios, building a social presence, etc.
Few courses are mentioned below, many more are available on my app.

UX Designing Full Course in Hindi graphics guruji

UX Designing Full Course in Hindi

16 Recorded Classes On My App

Weekly Live Sessions

Download Study Material

Tests (Helps in the interviews)

Course Certificate


Website UI Designing Course graphics guruji

Mobile App UI Designing course

32 Recorded Classes On My App

Weekly Live Sessions

Download Study Material

Tests (Helps in the interviews)

Course Certificate


ui designing freelancer

Discuss Your Project With Me

My Review On Your Projects

Live Sessions

Project Research

Professional Suggestions

Finalize Project


ui designing interview questions

UI Designing Quiz Package

Know Your Skills

Weekly New Quiz

6 Months Subscription

Download Report

Check Leader Board


6 Months Validity
how to get freelancing work

Freelancer? Not Getting Projects?

Special 1 to 1 Live Session (1 Hr)

No Projects? How To Start?

How To Create A Good Portfolio

How To Chat With Client

1 Week Support After Session


/ 1 Hr live + 1 Week Support
ui designing free course

Free Study Material

Best Of YouTube Videos List

Best UI Kits Download List

Direct Download Free Elements

Regular Addition Of New Items

Free Presentations



Questions and

Will I get a certificate after completion of the courses?

Yes, you will get a certificate for most of the courses. Except for few sessions like "Discuss your project" and "Freelancer counseling".

What is the duration of the courses?

No fixed duration, you can complete watching the video, take tests in a month or up to 12 months. These courses come with one year of validity, just to encourage you to finish courses.

All the courses have only pre-recorded videos?

No, along with the pre-recorded videos, I will take LIVE sessions also to solve your problems related to the course topics.

What is one-to-one sessions courses?

One-to-one session means, I will take your classes live and no one else will join the course. Only you and I will be in these live sessions with sharing our screens.

All the courses are paid on the mobile app?

No, you have FREE! content too You will see a side menu that has a "Study material" option. You will see many folders with topics. These folders have all the free content. Videos, download ui kits, presentations etc.

May I get a refund once I purchased the course?

Yes, but in the rare case, if I failed to start a course or course removed before its validity. In any other conditions, there is no refund policy.

What if payment deducted from my side but the course still not appearing on my purchases?

Generally, it works immediately but in some conditions, it may take few minutes to an hour to show the course is purchased. Don't worry your money will be safe.

What are the available payment options?

You can pay directly through your bank account's debit or credit card or through UPI.

How can I contact you regarding any course or issue?

There are many options, you can contact me through WhatsApp, telegram at 8559999668. OR through Graphics Guruji mobile application also.

Do we have any group or community for support?

Yes, join our telegram group. Many students are asking their questions or ask for work review and experts in the group help them.

What if I need immediate help?

If you have purchased any course at Graphics Guruji mobile app you have access to contact me through the app. I will be able to help you immediately. But in some cases delay may happen. Contact time 9 am to 9 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Certificate Verification

You can verify any certificate provided by me for the courses. Just use the certificate code and verify.