What is a Design System?

In this article, you will get the best list of a design system that is publicly available from famous brands.

Is it a style guide? or a design elements library? or is it a pattern library? Actually, a design system is a collection of all of these. It’s a system that we define/build not only for the project but for the whole team who can consider/follow throughout the project to follow the consistency and standard. It’s like a commitment system for the whole team to stick with until the product is built.

A bad design system or no design system can spoil your project.

I have tried to show you the definition of the design system through this diagram.


what is design system


So here is the list for you to learn:

  1. Google Design System
  2. IBM Design System
  3. Microsoft
  4. Atlassian
  5. Apple
  6. Shopify


Download Figma files of some popular brand’s design systems:

Ant Design system


Audi Design System

Uber Design System

Airtable Design System

CookPad Design System

Fluent Design System

Semrush Design System

Google Material Design System

Monday.com Design System

Shopify Design System

Slack Design System

Asana Design System